My internship with Marketing Town

September 6th, 2019

Curious what it's like to be an intern at Tech Essence? Read about Miles’s internship experience.

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This week’s blog is from Miles Lake, our communications intern who joined us in August for a summer internship. Now, as it comes to an end, we are hearing from Miles about his experience at Marketing Town.

- What surprised you the most about your internship at MT?
Over the course of my internship throughout August, the thing that surprised me the most about my time as an intern was the broad variety of tasks available for me to complete, at no point was I ever working in just a single area of the company. Over my 5 weeks at Marketing Town I had the opportunity to code, analyse contracts with collaborating companies and even prepare material for the expansion to the new office in Berlin, just to share a few, gaining valuable experience in every part of the company. I never felt like I was just completing menial work but was involved in the team from the get-go, working on pieces that could be useful for the team.

 - Was your internship what you thought it would be?
To be completely honest, my internship surpassed my expectations as to what corporate life could be, this being my first experience working within a company. Working at Marketing Town was such an enjoyable experience due to the working environment itself. The office atmosphere was warm and personal with just enough people so that you feel you get to know everyone but not so many that you get lost in the crowd, a benefit of being a growing start-up. Everyone at Marketing Town was upbeat and amiable which lead to a highly collaborative workspace that had a real sense of fun. This made the working days feel a lot shorter than they actually were and I looked forward to coming in each day as the days felt distinct and exciting. Working regular hours for the first time was surprisingly easy due to the amazing facilities on offer but also the practical attitude of making your hours work best for you, so that you could maximise your productivity.

 - How did you develop personally and professionally throughout your internship?
Throughout my internship at Marketing Town, I feel that I have developed massively personally in terms of my self-confidence. At the start, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the new environment and try to blend into the background, but in no time at all, I felt like a welcomed member of the team, prepared to speak up in discussions and ask for help when needed. 

 In terms of professional development, I gained a crucial understanding of the actual structure and workings of a corporate environment, preparing me for any jobs in the future whilst also gaining a new rigour within my work, as in the marketing field, precision with data matters incredibly. Alongside this, I learnt important lessons in time management and hitting deadlines, of which I can only imagine how much of a great preparation this will be for my time at university, as well as prioritising tasks so you can make the most of your productivity. 

- Do you have any advice for future interns?
If I could go back and tell myself anything before my first day, it would be to take a deep breath and not worry, as I was incredibly nervous beforehand. As long as you stay calm and open-minded, everything will fall into place in due course and you will find your working rhythm and you will only continue to develop and grow your professional skills. You also have no reason to worry as everyone at Marketing Town is incredibly caring and open. When you leave you will have gained invaluable experience that can be used in so many ways in your upcoming professional life!

 - What are your plans for the future?
Just after finishing this summer internship, I will head off to university where I will be able to put all the transferable skills I have learnt here to use. These include better time management and precision but also much better communication skills that will be so valuable in terms of corresponding with lecturers, working for group projects and presentations. Although this current stint at Marketing Town is over, I have enjoyed the experience so much that I would come back in a heartbeat!

Thanks to everyone at Marketing Town for being so kind and helpful over my time here and I wish all of you even more success in the future.

Vasso Georgiou