No more untracked traffic and transactions

September 18th, 2018

Say goodbye to tracking inaccuracies and performance measurement problems.

For years, brands have used third-party cookies to understand user behaviour and actions. However, as the mobile face of digital marketing continues to evolve and users’ privacy concerns grow, finding solutions to ensure all online journeys and conversions are accurately tracked is of utmost importance.

ePrivacy and Apple’s Safari new privacy feature, which only allows third-party cookie tracking for 24 hours, are a real game changer. So, the question is how can you ensure that you capture sales and consumer behaviour, if using third-party cookies is becoming less and less reliable? According to IAB Tech Lab, developing a first-party data driven strategy by leveraging first-party cookies is the way to go.

THIRD-PARTY COOKIE PROBLEMS Privacy issues related to third-party cookies causes the public’s discomfort. With this type of cookies, advertisers know what websites users visit, what they buy and what they read and based on their web search activities and online behaviour, they are being served retargeting ads. The inability to control how their data is collected, who uses it and for what reason, makes users want to keep their browsing history and data more private by blocking third-party cookies through browser add-ons; a practice which causes substantial revenue from ads to get lost.

FIRST-PARTY COOKIE EXPLAINEDFirst-party cookies are those cookies that are placed by the website owner when a user visits their own site (in this case cookies placed by The major difference between first and third-party cookies is who creates the cookie as each cookie has an owner - this could be the domain operator or a third-party domain that display ads to users.

FIRST-PARTY COOKIE BENEFITS First-party cookies are created to make the user experience seamless by tracking visitor behaviour while on site. Such cookies help the website recognise visitors so they will not have to re-introduce themselves in future visits, personalise their experience to their preferences (e.g. language, location, etc) and adjust content to suit them. This translates into giving consumers greater control over their online privacy, feeling safe in the knowledge that only the website they are willingly visiting is collecting their data.

What’s more, these cookies are not influenced by ad-tracking prevention measures like browser extensions and recent regulation changes. While third-party cookies have a limited lifespan in a Safari environment (24 hours), first-party cookies are held for 30 days; a fact which suggests that first-party cookies are better for storing and utilising data. So, if your mission is to take leadership role on privacy and create a future-proof business, you should take advantage of first-party cookies.

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED Although third-party cookies serve as the primary tracking method for many advertisers and website owners, privacy concerns call for solutions that don’t infringe consumer rights of privacy. Therefore, it’s time to put first-party cookies at the fore of your efforts to ensure compliance at all times, better attribute your marketing spend and understand users online behaviour better.

The advertising industry has already reached a point where 20% of third-party data is getting lost because of ad blockers, mobile growth, Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature for iOS and Safari, and data privacy regulations. Now that you are aware of the problem, get ready to tackle it by using a first-party cookie tracking solution. Unlike third-party cookies, the future is brighter for their first-party counterparts.

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