Unparalleled reporting power in your hands

May 9th, 2018

Are you ready to translate raw data into information?

Data, data, data. Nowadays, everyone is expected to make more data-driven decisions. Data driviness (not even sure if such a word actually exists) is about collecting and analysing data. And what’s the best way to turn data into insights? Reports! More specifically, customisable/ built-your-own reports. The ability to manipulate data in whichever way you may see fit will allow you to pull unique insights and realise that different metrics lead to a whole new insights. The benefits and the possibilities are (nearly) endless, so visit Marketing Town and experiment with custom reports!

But first, allow us to expand on the benefits of custom reporting:

Flexibility - Well, that’s probably the most obvious benefit, but still worth mentioning. With a few clicks, you are given the ability to identify campaign performance against any metric and then generate, download and share reports the way you want them. This means that you can make important decisions and react to changes immediately.

Save time and effort - Forget standard and spreadsheet-style reports. With Marketing Town, you can create a report in seconds. Choose from a range of metrics and see how many new conclusions you can draw, by just looking at your data, in a more fresh, advanced way.

See the fine details and the big picture - Understanding the big picture of how your campaigns are performing, but also being able to drill down into granular level detail that helps see trends and patterns in your data. The information you can derive from your data make it easier to communicate your ideas and gain truly valuable insights, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions that lead to long term success.

Different teams, different needs - If your marketing department consists of different teams, the chances are that they have different needs and see data from other perspectives. By giving everyone the ability to customise the reports the way they want them, you help your team become more efficient.

These are just a few of the many benefits. Marketing Town gives you the ability to do all these, and much more. Standardised and one-fits-all reports are so last year, so let us help you mould your data into actionable insights. We are sure that once you start using the different metrics, you will be thrilled with all the possible new insights. Book your free demo with Ricki today and get at the heart of what you need to make successful data-driven decisions.