Extended Christmas break

December 20th, 2017

Sending everyone home for the week between Christmas and New Year's

Tech Essence's recent growth meant new interface, features and functionalities for clients and office closure for the whole week between Christmas and New Year's for employees. Having gained recognition for our business's achievements and witnessed a 250% year-on-year revenue growth, Tech Essence's founder, Ken Leren, decided to give everyone time off above and beyond regular holiday days as a thank you for their dedication and hard work.

“The time off gives everyone the chance to change gears, relax and come back rejuvenated for the year ahead. I truly believe in trying to create a good work culture for the team and there is no better way to celebrate a good year than turning off the lights and allowing everyone to enjoy the holiday the way they like”, Ken said.

While Tech Essence will be giving employees December 27, 28 and 29 off in addition to the bank holidays, it will remain functional for little impact on customers. “As a start-up, we work hard, but we make time to take a break and let it be the most wonderful time of the year. We accomplish that by planning ahead and notifying both clients and employees well in advance”, Ken added.

About Tech Essence

Tech Essence is a SaaS-based marketing technology solution provider, specialising in helping marketing professionals make informed decisions on measuring and optimising their multi-channel marketing efforts. With the intention to revolutionise partner marketing, we have developed our own proprietary platform, Marketing Town, to take campaign management, tracking and analytics to the next level. Marketing Town is one of the most technologically-advanced performance marketing solutions available, tracking multi-channel marketing campaigns in real-time and providing in-depth reporting.