My placement with Tech Essence


July 4th, 2017

Curious what it's like to be an intern at Tech Essence? Read about Carlos's work placement experience.

This week’s blog is from Carlos Lopes Santos, our marketing intern who joined us in September for a 40-week work placement. Now, as it comes to an end, we are hearing from Carlos about his experience at Tech Essence.

From September 2016, I started my placement year at Tech Essence as a Marketing Executive. During my time there I have been asked to do a variety of tasks, including managing PPC campaigns across Google and Bing, setting up campaigns on Marketing Town, writing newsletters and social media posts, adding new products on the e-commerce platform and much more.

On my first day, I was nervous because it was my first time working in the marketing industry. The amazing thing was that as soon as I got there everyone was friendly and made me feel welcomed. My managers and supervisors made sure I had work to do since the very first day: they had already a desk set up for me in addition to a telephone and laptop. Having all this from the start really helped me settle in comfortably.

During my placement year I was fortunate enough to have a variety of mentors. Each one has helped me develop skills which will be invaluable in my future employment and last year at the university. One of the benefits of working in a small start-up company is that I could quickly understand how different job roles contribute to the success of the company.

Going on a placement is one of the best and most worthwhile decisions any student can do because of the amount of experience you pick up while in the workplace. Some of the most valuable skills that I have been able to develop were communication, time management, organisational and interpersonal skills.

My communication was improved by having to deal with a wide range of correspondence throughout the day, attending events and participating in the daily stand-up meetings. Being part of the Tech Essence team, I quickly realised the importance of building and maintaining relationships within the workplace and learned to be more confident when speaking to large groups of people.

My organisational skills have also improved, as I had to learn to prioritise the workload that was given to me from the very first day I started. Some of the tasks that were given to me had a short time period to complete, so I learned to work while under pressure. This will all be of massive benefit for my last year of university and for my future after that.

The one thing that I would advise anyone who is looking for a placement is to start applying for them as early as possible. Every application is different, and you will need to research each company so you can tailor your application to their role to stand out from the other applicants. By doing this you will be more likely to get that all-important interview, because they are looking for someone who has done their homework on the company. Another important thing to remember is that not all your applications are going to be accepted, or even get a response back. The best thing to do in those situations is not to give up and continue applying for as many internships as you can. Something will eventually come your way.

My overall workplace experience was amazing. I learned so much in these 10 months and I can say that this work placement has fully changed my life for the better so I want to thank everyone at Tech Essence for giving me the opportunity to gain skills specific to my subject.

   - By Carlos Lopes Santos