dmexco 2017: Guiding the industry through the 'Age of Transformation'


September 22nd, 2017

AI, bots, GDPR and virtual reality: dmexco2017 highlights.

Last week, industry experts, media professionals and digital marketers gathered in Cologne, Germany for the annual dmexco conference to discuss innovations and trends in the digital marketing world. With 1000 exhibitors, 550 speakers and 50000 visitors, dmexco has evolved to be the leading general trade fair and conference for digital marketing and we really could not afford to miss it!

Under the motto 'Lightening the Age of Transformation', dmexco presented the most impressive pioneering thinkers from the fields of marketing, media and technology, and successful movers and shakers of the global digital economy so that everybody could learn from their strategies, successes and experiences. The digital revolution has altered the ruled of doing business - it has made disruption, innovation and change, the norm. With a real focus on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning, EU data regulations and mobile experiences, it became clear that these are the topics that the marketing world is talking about and, keep marketing professionals and brand owners awake at nights.

For Marketing Town, this was the first time exhibiting and presenting at dmexco and it has been fantastic. We did not only have the opportunity to network, learn and exchange information with other marketing professionals, but also showcase our new interface to existing and prospective clients from all over the world. We were also lucky enough to give a marketing talk at Startup Village's main stage. Our very own Ken Leren, CEO and founder, spoke about the critical decisions businesses need to make to ensure that they are compliant with the new data regulations and how to take control over their data and supply chain. Although the session was short to really get into detail, he still provided ample food for thought, which in return encouraged many concerned marketers come talk to us.

Our overall impression of dmexco? A well-produced and highly productive event, complete with impressive booths, many talks and presentations and lots of freebies. Dmexco 2017 was, as expected, fun and fast-paced couple of days. And we weren't disappointed - everyone was there, from big companies to small and everything in between, and on top of that we had the chance to find out what the future holds for the digital economy. After two dynamic days in Cologne, dmexco has solidified its place on our list of not-to- be-missed events as is one of the world's premier digital economy forums which unites the entire ecosystem of the digital world - and honestly, we have not seen anything like it before. Big thanks to organisers of dmexco for this successful conference. Can't wait for dmexco 2018!