Tech Essence launches a new set of features


Dec 7th, 2016

Delivering on the promise of continuous improvements, here are our new and enhanced features.

London, 7th December 2016 - Tech Essence announced the launch of two innovative new features that improve the performance and offer greater ease-of-use of the company's campaign management and tracking platform, Marketing Town.

Delivering on the promise that Marketing Town users will run their operations more efficiently, today's launch improves productivity for marketing professionals needing help to test and implement tracking correctly, as well as instantly share campaigns with their partners.

"In a marketing environment, where it is characteristically busy, most individuals spend at least a third of their time completing repetitive tasks. The new features increase efficiency while maximising performance by streamlining the test campaign setup and simplifying offer promotions" adds Ken Leren, Tech Essence's founder.

New features in this release include:

  • Campaign Setup Testing - a new feature enhancement that allows users to test the ability of a campaign to track a click and a conversion, ensuring the correct placement of cookies and pixels.
  • Campaign Sharing - a new feature capability that allows partners to view campaigns the moment they are published, saving both advertisers' and publishers' time and hassle contacting one another. The features are now live.

About Tech Essence

Tech Essence provides a proprietary solution to help business make informed decisions on measuring their campaign performance and digital spend with real-time measurement and optimisation. With Marketing Town, the next generation marketing management and attribution platform, marketers at any level can optimise their partner marketing campaigns and realise their digital potential through innovative use of technology.

Dec 7th, 2016