Marketing Town Heads [Prolific] North


February 23rd, 2017

Where did all media, marketing and creative professionals gather last week?

On February 15th and 16th, we exhibited at Prolific North Live along with other 100 other marketing and media companies. The purpose of the exhibition was to showcase the very best North had to offer in a range of marketing areas, from video production, email automation, PR, digital marketing to marketing technology. There was no way we could miss an event that celebrates the North!

After a long drive, 2 short stops and lots of granola and yoghurt mini bites, we arrived in Manchester safe and sound. We got to the venue in time, unloaded in just over 15 minutes and checked into our beautiful Airbnb apartment before heading out for some burgers, booze, and bowling. After a great night and a good night's sleep, we were ready to take the day in our strike. When we arrived at EventCity, you could tell that there was a buzz in the air: people putting finishing touches to their stands, getting their freebies out, checking their hair and clothing - it was show time!

And there we were, at stand 147, telling visitors about our brand story and helping them understand the importance of cross device tracking and what makes Marketing Town unique. A common theme in our discussions was the challenge to track accurately and fairly between different devices. Our aim was to educate and enlighten visitors about the measurement of media performance and hopefully inspire them to get control of their data.

The highlight of the two-day event was definitely our director's talk about 'The truth about tracking: they are having you on' drawing upon P&G's boss, Marc Pritchard, powerful speech on media transparency. We received lots of great comments, the message appeared to resonate. Prolific North Live gave us the opportunity to speak with a diverse range of people, from marketing professionals working for brands and agencies, video production specialists to students and freelancers. The fantastic range of attendees made it easy to make great connections while enjoying lengthy discussions, so it is safe to say that for Tech Essence, Prolific North Live was a complete success.