Monitor your performance with bespoke tracking

As third-party cookies are under pressure, due to recent data privacy regulations, Safari’s high security standards, mobile market expansion and ad blocking, you should welcome the new era of advertising by switching to first-party cookie tracking. In a post-GDPR world, where consumers expect brands to adhere to strict standards around protecting personal data, the key to success is treasuring online privacy (maybe even more than national security).


A recent survey by PageFair revealed that more than ¾ of respondents would not consent to having their behaviour tracked by companies other the website they are visiting. This might represent a roadblock, but considering that advertisers are currently not getting an accurate count of their conversions, Marketing Town comes as a saviour to ensure efficient and accurate data capture without privacy violations.

Don’t get left behind - talk to us today to show you how you can continue forward without missing out on 10-20% conversions (that you would normally miss with third-party cookies). Marketing Town provides a unique opportunity to move beyond third-party cookies and discover new, more trustworthy ways to collect and measure consumer data.

First-party cookie tracking benefits:

We are always keen to try new technologies and the team at Marketing Town are one step ahead of the game. With the help of their marketing platform, we have seen a boost in both our conversions and customer retention - a brilliant testament to Marketing Town’s tracking reliability! We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, it exceeds what we hoped for.”
— Samantha Pashley, Direct Marketing Manager, Dennis Publishing