Marketing Town Team

From left: Veronica, Stefan, Ken, Pia, Vasso, Eugene, Joe & Hannah

From left: Veronica, Stefan, Ken, Pia, Vasso, Eugene, Joe & Hannah


Marketing Town is a leading marketing technology company based in the tech unicorn capital of Europe. We are passionate about the connection of accurate data collection and multichannel marketing success, which makes our proprietary platform key to everything we do.

Marketing Town was founded with a vision to be at the forefront of digital evolution and empower marketing professionals thrive in their evolved role through a marketing technology solution that drives profitable customer acquisition and offers reliability and accuracy in tracking.

Our mission is simple: make Marketing Town an asset to your business. As your technology partner, we strive to offer you all the innovative features you need to achieve your performance goals. Whether you are looking to increase sales, track conversions more accurately, drill into your data for valuable insights, monitor your partners or optimise all your marketing efforts, Marketing Town has a feature that does exactly that and even more.

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Our team comes from a diverse range of professional and cultural backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: they are passionate about marketing technology. Without the support of our dedicated and enthusiastic team, we would not have been able to enjoy annual growth and success, and become the successful business we are today.

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